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©2019 by Petit Ange

Petit Ange e.V.,  as a non-profit association, is exempt from corporation tax and registered with the tax office (Finanzamt) under the following tax number: 222/5744/0922






Unfortunately, many children in this world share a very difficult fate. They are orphans who are on their own and in the worst case have no one to take care of them.

Children should be allowed to be children and not have to worry about survival. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality.

That's why we try to help those children through sponsorships and to support them as much as possible.


In the category of orphans, we also count half-orphans still living with their mother.

Every child should have the uncompromising claim to education, food, clothing and a safe home.

As godparents, you can guarantee that for the orphans.

In addition, we also build orphanages where we want to accommodate the children to provide them with the best possible support and all-round care.

We regularly report to the individual godparents about the progress and setbacks of the orphans and let them share their lives.



By sponsoring families, you enable families to provide their children with medical care, food, clean drinking water, and education.

They will receive the much needed help through you.

You help families out of the family and create perspectives for them.

The donations benefit families in particular, but also close relatives who live with the godfather family due to blows of fate.

By completing a sponsorship, a family receives a monthly allowance.

You strengthen the social skills of orphans and ensure their well-being. This will give you a mental support for these people.

You experience how the children grow up and make their education through your support.

We attach great importance to inform the godparents as much as possible about the life of their protégés and to let them participate in their life as well as possible.



Of course we take care to sort the sponsorships according to the urgency.

If you give us the choice for the decision, we also look in which country the sponsorship is currently needed the most.

A sponsorship runs for at least a year and usually until the age of 18.

In exceptional cases (eg. illness), the sponsorship can also be extended.

From each euro donated to the orphans are ever used to 10 cents used to build new orphanages can.


It is of course possible to contact the orphans or godparents. However, this contact may only be made through us by Petit Ange.

In the interest of our sponsored children & families, of course, we try to be as conscientious and compliant as possible with their data and thus also their safety.


For more information, feel free to contact your contact person or send an email to paten@petitange.de.